The Death of Bray Wyatt

On August 24, 2023, just one day after legendary wrestler Terry Funk passed away, news broke out that Bray Wyatt died. Triple H broke the news with a tweet. He had received a message from Mike Rotunda about the passing.

Wyatt had not wrestled since February 2023 after reportedly being sidelined with an undisclosed illness that was considered career and life-threatening.

Subsequent reports revealed that Wyatt had been contending with heart-related complications for several months, stemming from his contraction of COVID-19 earlier this year. This circumstance had already placed both his professional journey and personal life in a precarious state.

TMZ has released further information regarding his demise, disclosing that Wyatt’s passing occurred last Thursday subsequent to a conversation with his girlfriend JoJo Offerman. Reportedly, he had informed her of his intention to take a nap. Offerman grew anxious upon hearing Wyatt’s alarm ringing persistently for approximately an hour. Fearing the worst, she rushed to the bedroom only to discover Wyatt in an unresponsive state, showing no signs of breath and exhibiting a bluish hue. Swiftly, she dialed 911 while her mother endeavored to administer CPR to Wyatt. Medical responders, upon arrival, transported him to a hospital where he was later pronounced deceased.

The report proceeds to mention that due to the complications arising from his COVID battle, Wyatt had received advice to utilize an external heart defibrillator due to a weakened lower heart function. Wyatt’s recent medical history involved frequent hospital visits over the past months, with the most recent hospitalization occurring just last week, as indicated by the TMZ report. Following a subsequent consultation with his physician, it was recommended that Wyatt continue employing the defibrillator. However, investigators have determined that at the tragic moment of the cardiac episode leading to his demise, Wyatt was regrettably not wearing the device. Subsequently, the device was located in his car, parked in the driveway. Despite this discovery, it remains uncertain whether the device could have potentially averted his passing.

Jim Cornette and Brian Last tribute to Wyatt podcast:

Bray Wyatt, with his enigmatic characters, mesmerizing promos, and innovative storytelling, has left an enduring legacy in the world of professional wrestling. His ability to blur the lines between reality and fiction, and his skill in creating a unique emotional connection with the audience, set him apart as a true artist in the industry. While his WWE departure brought an unexpected chapter to a close, the mark he has made on wrestling’s history is indelible. RIP Bray.

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